Brand strategy and investors pitch for a startup revolutionising the FMCG market.

The live green company makes 100% natural and organic personal and home-care products. These products are made using the local produce direct from the farms, using traditional Indian recipes for good health and good living. The project included conducting a brand personality workshop, crafting a brand personality canvas, strategising and story boarding the investors pitch for the start-up program The S Factory of Startup Chile. The visual narration of the brand was carefully crafted to reflect the brand ethos, 100% organic and Handmade.

The brand personality.

After an association and discovery definition workshop with the business owners. Following statements were crafted to define the skin of the brand.

  • We are a Responsible brand.
  • We are a verb and not a noun.
  • We are an economical and an exclusive brand.
  • From our home to yours.
  • The brand that loves you back.
  • We are wise and we are cool!
  • Traditionally Indian  global & a cool brand!

primary logo

The packaging label design system

The need for making a flexible system led me to come up with a packaging that is a mix of four layers, the brand identity, the claims, fresh from farm illustration and the product name. The same system could be replecated as and when the brand comes up with new products.