The first challenge was to create a content strategy that would flow seamlessly on the website. Deciding on what’s the product USP, primary and secondary content. The second challenge was to strategise the investors story that would narrate the problem statement, how would this product flourish in the market and how would the investors benefit by investing into it. All of this with an optimum amount of information at each step.


Drafts of content were written with a conversational tone of voice (chatbots!). A soft illustration style was developed, which was carried forward on all the brand collaterals. The investors deck content was story boarded and broken down into same tone and brand language.

Chatbot, wyzebot, illustration

A chatbot platform for intelligent conversations

Rich engaging interactions with customers. More channels to do business.

chatbot, wyzebot

Consumer prefer messaging brands and businesses.

Start chatting with customers to answer questions, collect payments, read the news or book tickets.

chatbot, wyzebot

Build a 1:1 relationship with customers

Powered by business rules. AI and advanced conversational design principles.

Elevator pitch & Investors deck

While continuing the same brand language, elevator pitch and investors deck was story boarded and executed in the same brand language and tone of voice.